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Great minds of the loftiest business entrepreneurship schools teach that to assure product success, an emotional connection must be created between the customer and the product.

No problem. Just come in and taste one of our delectable La Tulipe desserts and there will be an unbreakable emotional bond that will trigger uncontrollable feelings of joy and happiness. Seriously! That’s what we do!

Don’t take our word for it. Here is what Martha Stewart said:

A Visit to La Tulipe Desserts
Last month I posted a few blogs about some of my travels.  You may recall my travelling companions and I having breakfast on the plane, including croissants and brioche from La Tulipe Desserts in Mt. Kisco, New York.  I was so impressed with those pastries that I wanted to do a blog about the bakery that made them.  La Tulipe Desserts is owned by a lovely couple, Maarten and Frances Steenman.  They first met each other while working in another bakery in Mt. Kisco and they both shared the same dream – opening their own patisserie.  In 1999, that dream came to fruition.  Their philosophy is simple – use only the freshest, highest-quality ingredients and finish each dessert with a simple, yet stunning design.  Dutch-born Maarten, a second-generation pastry chef, received training in some of the finest patisseries in Europe.  Combine that with Frances’ exquisite eye for color, design, and style and you have magic at La Tulipe Desserts.
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